An average of 22 veterans a day commit suicide. Most are older men and women who have struggled with war-related PTSD (Post Traumatic Syndrome) and other emotional issues for years and can no longer deal with it. Unfortunately some are dangerous and have become abusive to their family members, as well.

Mission 22

Veterans who live over 50 miles away from veterans hospitals can receive free medical treatment from local hospitals, physicians, etc. but those who live less than 50 miles away must travel to veterans hospitals and wait – sometimes for hours – to get the medical treatment they need. Our veterans deserve much better! Please sign our petition …..

Job Fairs

One of the biggest needs veterans have – after returning from serving in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere – is a good paying job to support themselves and their families. Many only graduated from high school and don’t have college degrees but are highly skilled as a result of their training on the military. They often need help finding good-paying jobs as they assimilate into civilian life. Many businesses recognize what good employees these veterans are and want to hire them. We organize and promote job fairs to help veterans, their spouses and these companies to find each other for their mutual benefit. Good paying jobs help reduce the stress in veterans’ lives and help them lead productive lives as civilians.