Erin’s Law requires that public school districts in each state provide and implement a prevention-oriented child sexual abuse program which teaches children in grades K-12 about body safety and to tell on anyone who tries to touch their private parts. The law also requires that school personnel and parents be taught warning signs for child sexual abuse, plus needed assistance, resource and referral information to support sexually abused children and their families.

The law was named after childhood sexual assault survivor, author and activist Erin Merryn. Over 30 states have now passed the law, beginning in Illinois. Texas first passed its similar Jenna’s Law in 2009 and Vermont passed its own version that same year.

We want to help Erin get the law passed in 48 states. We intend to start email and social media campaigns soon to help get Erin’s Law passed in the remaining 18 states.

We agree with Erin that one of the best ways to prevent and end child sexual abuse is to teach children that it’s okay to tell and they won’t get in trouble for telling on anyone who tries to touch their private parts. The program has already proven successful in many states, as children have spoken up and adults have been arrested and sent to prison for child sexual abuse.

In 2016 Erin invited Lillan Smith President J.J. Smith to join her Erin’s Law Board of Directors, which he was honored to accept. We actually provided Erin with her first Erin’s Law website in 2009 for free to assist her with her efforts and will continue to help however needed.