We’re currently conducting three investigations – two revolving around the sudden death of four-year-old Buddy Cook in Cleburne TX in 2014. 

Despite the thousands of hours spent by attorneys, private investigators, police and CPS, no one has yet fully explained why CPS workers have not been held accountable and, perhaps criminally negligent, for never telling his adoptive parents before they adopted him that Buddy had contracted HIV after being sexually assaulted by his biological mother’s many boyfriends.

CPS workers in Cleburne TX and, possibly, Cleburne Police have never been held accountable for misleading Tarrant County coroner Dr. Lloyd White before he conducted the autopsy for the little boy. CPS workers had the reports in their files from Cook Children’s Hospital in Ft. Worth that Buddy had HIV and needed prescription drugs to stay alive. Instead Cleburne CPS workers and Cleburne Police made up charges that David and Angel Cook, his adoptive parents, had starved the boy to death. Dr. White told this reporter had CPS and Police simply provided the health records as required by law, he would have never called the boy’s death a Homicide, which would have saved the Cooks over $200,000 defending themselves and caring for their other seven children after all were either physically, sexually or medically neglected during their year-long stay at Texas Baptist Home For Children in Waxahachie TX.     

Our third current investigation also involves CPS problems in Tarrant County TX. We’re trying to learn why CPS workers would not believe a 13-year-old boy who claimed his father was physically, verbally, emotionally and sexually abusing him and his two younger brothers while they were living with him during the past two years. The boy was flunking out of school, had been committed to a mental health facility by his pediatrician, asked at least six adults and several friends for help. Despite two interviews at the Tarrant Co. Children’s Advocacy Center, CPS investigators said they didn’t believe the boy and felt his mother was coaching him about what to say.