sad young man

What can we do for foster youth who are aging out of foster care?

When they turn 18 and become adults, unless they can return to their families, continue living with foster parents or are found homes by child welfare systems, its very difficult because most are still too young and don’t have the skills to make it on their own.

Research shows these youth are far more likely than youth their same age with families to be homeless, unemployed, arrested, use alcohol/drugs and have health problems.

According to this study by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, by age 26, only about 80 percent of young people who aged out of foster care earned at least a high school degree or GED, compared to 94 percent in the general population. By age 26, only four percent of youth who aged out of foster care had earned a 4-year college degree, while 36 percent of youth in the general population had done so.

We want to provide teens aging out of the system in Rockwall County and surrounding areas with whatever they need. We need more volunteers to help!