There are hundreds of women’s shelters located across the U.S. but most are usually full and have to turn away family violence victims. Clearly more women’s shelters need to be built and expanded.

In the City of Dallas, for example – where reducing domestic violence is one of Mayor Mike Rawlings’ six primary Initiatives – 10,154 women, children and men were turned away from shelters due to lack of capacity in 2015-2016. That’s up 34 percent over the previous year. (See the City Mayor/Initiatives/Domestic Violence Task Force Report, which contains links to the second annual Domestic Violence Task Force Report and Infographic)

Even though millions of women, children, pets and men are injured and over 10,000 killed every single year in the U.S. as a result of family violence, not enough cities and counties are willing to spend the money needed to protect our nation’s most vulnerable by building more women’s shelters.

We aim to do something about that. After all, the first priority of government is to protect its citizens.

Please sign our petition to the City of Dallas Mayor and City Council members to re-prioritize their spending and fund a new, badly-needed women’s shelter in South Dallas.