The Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation was established in 2006 by family violence survivor and marketing communications professional J.J. Smith, in memory of his loving mother, Lillian Smith.

When J.J. was 10 years old, he witnessed his abusive father break into their apartment, shoot and kill his mother and then commit suicide. The horrific tragedy took place in Denver CO in 1958 (See copies of several news articles below).

His father was likely suffering from what we now call PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome), after he was seriously wounded in heavy military action in Italy while serving as a US Army tank commander in World War II.

Since 2006, our volunteers have provided a variety of strategies, services and solutions to help dozens of domestic, dating, child and sexual abuse victims and their families protect themselves from family violence perpetrators.

We have:

  • Initiated passage of a new law in the 2011 Texas legislature
  • Wrote and arranged dozens of news stories
  • Been interviewed by the news media
  • Hosted a talk radio show on AM 1400 in Dallas
  • Produced TV/radio public service announcements
  • Organized and spoken at many public meetings
  • Provided emergency services for victims
  • Obtained legal assistance for victims
  • Held fundraising walks/races
  • Organized meetings
  • Attended conferences
  • Collaborated with other organizations

J.J. initially established the Foundation in 1999, but the terror attacks on 9-11-01 dried up funding and made it impossible to continue until the economy recovered sufficiently.