The Lillian Smith Family Violence Foundation is dedicated to doing all we can to help bring an end to the family violence epidemic that’s been raging across America for decades. 

We work to protect people wherever freedom, justice, truth and fairness are denied. 

Although our tax-exempt, non-partisan, crime victims’ rights organization is small, we quickly intend to become a major force in the nationwide battle to end child abuse, domestic, dating and sexual violence.

Founded in Dallas TX in 2006, by family violence survivor and communications professional J.J. Smith, our organization is currently small but about to become a nationwide organization, comprised of thousands of volunteers determined to

Since being founded in 2006 in Dallas TX by family violence survivor and communications professional J.J. Smith, we’ve conducted a host of such educational efforts as thousands of social media posts, hundreds of news media stories,

taught hundreds of students, parents and adults and held several special events.

Through our many contacts we have arranged low-cost legal assistance, housing, living essentials

We also build partnerships with businesses, non-profits, government and individuals to find long-lasting solutions that will transform lives they’re today to what they can become tomorrow.

find the protection and safety they need from the millions of family violence perpetrators out there who are waiting to harm and even kill them.  

Based in Dallas TX, we were founded in 2006 by family violence survivor and veteran communications professional J.J. Smith.

When J.J. was just 10 years old, his life was shattered when he witnessed his abusive father shoot and kill his loving mother and then commit suicide. 

thats been raging across our nation for decades and multiple generations.

Tens of thousands of lives have been lost. Millions have been injured physically. Millions more lives have been damaged mentally and emotionally. And its all so needless. Family violence is not a disease without a cure. Its a behavioral issue, which we certainly can correct. Problem is we’re so far behind. 

We supporting the victims and teaching unsuspecting Americans how to protect themselves from the millions of family violence perpetrators.

Family violence officially includes domestic violence and child abuse. We include dating and sexual violence because domestic violence often first appears as teen dating violence. Abusers often use sexual violence as a means to control their relationships. 

Eliminating family violence is a huge, nearly impossible task. But, somehow, our nation just has to do it. Every year millions of people are injured and tens of thousands of lives are lost. Surely we can’t accept this.

Here’s the problem, summarized:  

Over the years our nation has allowed far too many children to be abused and abandoned. We didn’t protect them. As these chidren grow up and become adults, millions are so full of rage at their parents and other family members that, as soon as they start a romantic relationship, they will begin to systematically establish boundaries to control their unsuspecting girlfriends so they will never be able to leave them again. Fear of abandonment is an abuser’s greatest fear. 

According to police reports, 85 percent of domestic abusers are men. Abused girls grow up thinking abuse must just normal and they must be the cause because that’s what their abusive parents told them. So abused girls are conditioned to believe they are responsible for the abuse in relationships. Their parents likely told them if they wouldn’t…whatever…then their father or mother wouldn’t have had to be so abusive to them.

beat, stalk, torture, rape, murder or anything else it takes to prevent their loved ones from ever abandoning them again.

So abusers use tactics to control their wives and girlfriends.

Then there are those formerly abused children who have become so deranged that they  

We strive to help Americans protect themselves from family violence – which officially includes domestic violence and child neglect/abuse, according to law enforcement and U.S. Department of Justice statistics.

We also help Americans protect themselves from dating and sexual violence which, for the most part, involve our family members or friends of the family.

Since 2006 we’ve provided strategies, services and solutions to thousands of North Texans – teaching them how to protect themselves via dozens of news stories, hundreds of social media posts, ad campaigns, public speaking, special events and in person.

We’ve also assisted dozens of victims across North Texas, plus initiated the unanimous passage of a new Texas law in 2011 – making it illegal for parents and guardians to show porn to their children.

Beginning in 2017 we expanded our efforts nationwide. More volunteers are always needed.

If you’d like to make a difference, join us! You’ll be glad you did!